Frozen Shoulder: Signs, 3 Stages, Exercise

Chances are that you’re suffering from a condition called adhesive capsulitis — better known as frozen shoulder. Let’s take a look at this frustrating problem, from the signs and stages to strategies for providing frozen shoulder relief at our Torrance clinic.

Hiatal Hernia Repair Doctor Torrance

Hiatal Hernia Repair: What Are My Options?

If the upper part of the stomach bulges enough to push through muscles that separate your diaphragm from your abdomen, you may be diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. This is something that a Hiatal Hernia Doctor should address soon before the problem arises.

Hernia Types treated in torrance

Types of Hernia in Adults

There are many different types of Hernia that our physicians see here at Rolling Hills Medical of Torrance. Check out some of the most common Hernia treatments we provide.

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