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Hip Bursitis: Exercises, Treatment, Recovery Time - Torrance, CA

Hip pain is one of the most common reasons that people seek care from a doctor. One of the potential causes of hip pain is called hip bursitis. The hip is protected by a fluid-filled sac called a bursa. This bursa acts as a surface across which various tissues can glide. With the help of this fluid-filled sac, the friction between two surfaces is reduced. When this bursa becomes inflamed, the medical term is bursitis. If this inflammation takes place in the hip, it is called hip bursitis. Hip bursitis can be incredibly painful and debilitating so there are certain points that everyone should keep in mind.

Introduction to Hip Bursitis

If someone has developed inflammation in their hip, this could lead to the development of bursitis. Some of the symptoms of hip bursitis include:

  • The affected hip might start to swell and turn red
  • This hip will hurt worse when someone presses on the hip
  • People with hip bursitis might have trouble sleeping on the affected hip
  • This pain will probably get worse when the leg is moved

Those who have developed hip bursitis might experience temporary relief after taking ibuprofen, Tylenol, or applying ice. The pain from hip bursitis can be severe and could even prevent someone from getting out of bed in the morning. There are several common exercises that might lead to hip bursitis. 

The Common Exercises that Lead to Hip Bursitis

Hip bursitis can develop in athletes, particularly those who participate in sports that require a lot of running. The more the hip joint is used, the greater the stress placed on this joint. The body's response to stress is inflammation and it is this inflammation that leads to hip bursitis. Some of the sports that lead to hip bursitis include:

  • Track and field
  • Cross country
  • Soccer
  • Basketball 

Those who have developed hip bursitis should know that there are several treatments for Hip Bursitis in Torrance available which could help with the recovery process.

Common Treatment Options for Hip Bursitis

Physical therapist helping a hip bursitis patient

If someone has been diagnosed with hip bursitis, there are several treatments options for Hip Bursitis in Torrance available here at Rolling Hills Medical. In addition to pain medications and ice, some of the other treatment options offered by Rolling Hills Medical include:

  • Physical therapy and exercises to strengthen the hip and alleviate discomfort
  • Steroid injections directly into the bursa to alleviate inflammation
  • Minimally invasive surgery to remove debris and scar tissue

These treatment options can play an expedited role in the recovery process. What is the typical recovery time?

Recovering After Hip Bursitis

The recovery time following a diagnosis of hip bursitis is going to depend on the severity of the injury. In general, those who follow the treatment regiment of their doctor, which typically consists of the treatments discussed above, will recover in about a month or two. Those who are younger and in better shape will often recover more quickly than their older counterparts. It is important to coordinate recovery plans with a trained medical professional.

Hip Bursitis Doctor in Torrance

If someone presents to the doctor with hip pain, he or she could be diagnosed with hip bursitis. This diagnosis requires the attention of a trained medical professional. At Rolling Hills Medical, our Hip Bursitis doctors in Torrance have been serving communities from Los Angeles to Orange County from the first day we opened our doors. Our clinics have grown and now treat a variety of medical conditions including treatment for hip bursitis in Torrance.

Our trained and compassionate hip bursitis doctors have both the tools and experience necessary to help you and your family with all of your healthcare needs. Therefore, someone you love is suffering from hip pain, contact us today to 424-250-8699 to make an appointment. Come see us and experience why so many people have placed their faith in our healthcare team.

Dr. Neil Ghodadra
Dr. Neil Ghodadra’s orthopedic practice focuses on minimally invasive, arthroscopic surgery of the knee, shoulder, elbow, and hip. His unique background includes extensive training and expertise in cartilage restoration of the knee and joint preserving osteotomy, as well as treatment of complex shoulder conditions, ranging from shoulder instability and rotator cuff repair surgery to shoulder replacement surgery. Dr. Ghodadra is fellowship trained in Shoulder and Sports Medicine Surgery and has a particular interest in taking care of athletes.

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