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Insurances We Accept

Health Insurance for Pain Management

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Acute and chronic pain are among the most common reasons why people visit us. We understand that you want to develop a comprehensive pain management plan, and we accept a wide variety of insurance plans to make it easier. 

At Rolling Hills Medical, we have strong relationships with the vast majority of insurance companies. This means that you can access the pain treatment you need at a price you can afford. Learn more about health insurance for pain management in Torrance, and contact us with any questions or concerns.

Does Health Insurance Cover Pain Management?

Every health insurance plan is different, but most health insurance plans will cover the cost of pain management. There are numerous treatment options you may access as a part of your pain treatment plan. For example, you may take prescription medications, you may be thinking about a surgical procedure, and you will probably have to visit a specialist regularly. 

Health insurance plans should cover the cost of all of these visits, but the extent to which they cover these costs can vary from plan to plan. If you have questions about your insurance plan, we would be happy to go through it with you, or you can reach out to your insurance company.

Cost of Pain Management Doctors Without Insurance

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If you do not have health insurance, or if you would rather pay for your pain management plan on your own, you are certainly welcome to do that. At Rolling Hills Medical, we are willing to accept payments directly from patients. We even accept cash.

There are a number of factors that will influence the cost of your visit. They include:

  • How long does your appointment last, as longer visits are usually more expensive
  • The treatment options you select, as some treatment options are more expensive than others
  • The exact condition you need treatment for, as some conditions may require more (or less) expensive treatment options to address adequately

We are open and honest about all of our prices, allowing you to make the best decision for your health.

Cost of Pain Management Procedures With Insurance

If you have insurance, the cost of your visit should be significantly less expensive. Typically, health insurance plans will require you to pay a co-pay, which is a small amount of money you pay when you arrive at the office. Then, your health insurance plan should kick in, covering the rest of your expenses. 

Be sure to read the details of your insurance plan to understand what you do and do not have to pay for.

HMO vs PPO Insurance Plan

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If you are interested in pain management insurance, you will have to choose between an HMO or PPO plan. HMO stands for health maintenance organization while PPO stands for the preferred provider organization. Typically, a PPO plan includes more doctors, but it usually has a higher deductible and copay. An HMO is typically less expensive, but you might be more restricted in the doctors you can see.

List of Insurances We Accept

At Rolling Hills Medical, we have worked hard to extend the number of insurances accepted. We have agreements set up with numerous insurance companies, including:

If you have questions about whether we accept your insurance provider, reach out to us today.

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At Rolling Hills Medical, we understand that you are concerned about the cost of care in Torrance, and that is why we accept a wide variety of health insurance for pain management options. We have done everything we can to make the cost of care more affordable for you. We would be happy to review your options with you, so give us a call today at 424-500-3104 to schedule an appointment.

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