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Headaches and Migraine

Headaches and Migraine Treatment in Torrance, CA

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If you are looking for headache and migraine treatment in Orange County, Rolling Hills Medical can help you. Migraines can lead to serious quality of life issues, causing people to miss work or school. Learn more about the causes of migraine headaches, how they present, and how to cure migraine permanently. 

What Are the Top Causes of Migraine Headaches?

There are several common causes of migraine headaches. These include: 

Female having migraine attacks while working.


Stress is a common cause of migraine headaches. If you are having a lot of stress in your life, you may notice that your headaches increase in frequency and severity. 

Changes in Sleep Schedule

Changes in your sleep schedule can also lead to migraine headaches. Try to keep a consistent sleep schedule to get your brain in a rhythm. This will improve the quality of your sleep. 


Changes in hormones can also trigger migraine headaches. Hormonal changes can be driven by puberty, stress, and emotional changes. 

Caffeine and Alcohol

Excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption can also lead to migraine headaches. Try to stay away from caffeine and alcohol if you want to reduce migraines. 

Weather Changes

Changes in the weather can lead to migraines. When storms roll in, the pressure could change outside, leading to migraines. 


Dietary issues can also lead to migraine headaches. You should stay away from processed meat and aged cheese to reduce your frequency of migraines.


Dehydration can also lead to migraine headaches. Make sure you drink plenty of water if it is hot outside. Properly hydrate yourself, especially if you are participating in sports.


Migraine headaches can also be driven by photophobia, which is a sensitivity to light. Stay away from bright, flashing lights to control this issue. 


Certain smells can also trigger migraine headaches. Everyone is different, so pay attention to your migraines to see if there are certain scents you notice. 

Medication Overuse

Medication overuse could be a cause of migraine headaches. If you take medications regularly, you should talk with your doctor about possible migraine triggers. 

Types of Migraine Headaches

In general, there are two types of migraine headaches.

  • The first type is called migraine with aura. This is where you notice a headache is about to develop. You might notice certain lights or smells that tell you that you are about to experience a migraine.
  • The second type is called migraine without aura. This is a migraine that comes on suddenly without warning.

There are therapy options available for each headache.

How To Treat Migraines Effectively

If you are looking for a way to treat migraines permanently, it is important to develop a comprehensive treatment plan. Examples of possible treatments that could be helpful for migraine headaches include chiropractic care, trigger point injections, and lifestyle changes. Our Pain Management Physician will determine which of our treatment options are best for you. At Rolling Hills Medical, we can help you develop a comprehensive therapy plan that is customized to meet your specific needs. 

Treatment for Migraines and Headaches in Torrance, CA

At Rolling Hills Medical, we offer trigger point injections as a treatment option for migraine headaches. We can help you develop an effective treatment plan that will address your concerns. These injections are safe, effective, and affordable. We can work with you to make sure that your therapy plan minimizes the risk of possible complications and side effects. We will also follow up with you to make sure this is effective, adjusting it as needed. 

Are You Looking for Complete Migraine and Headache Treatment in Torrance, CA?

If you are looking for chronic migraine treatment in Torrance, CA, we can help you. At Rolling Hills Medical, we have a comprehensive array of treatment options that can help you address migraine headaches. Contact us today to make an appointment with a member of our team.

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