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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Specialists in Torrance

Runners getting sports medicine treatment from specialists in Torrance.

Sports-Related Conditions We Treat

Common Sports-Related Procedures

Rolling Hills Medical is Torrance’s leading provider in sports medicine services for professionals and amateurs alike. Our integrated team of sports medicine specialists includes physicians, orthopedic specialists, rehabilitation experts, and more. Our sports medicine specialists have helped thousands of patient find relief from their injuries and return to optimal health and function.

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Treatment for Chronic And Acute Sports Injuries

No matter the level of professionalism, sports injuries are hard to avoid due to overuse, overexertion, or impact injuries. Both everyday people enjoying recreational sports and professional athletes are at risk of experiencing common sports injuries like:

Sport chiropractor treating a patient in Torrance.

Non-Surgical Sports Injury Treatment

Depending on the extent of injury or damage, our team of sports injury specialists may first suggest conservative treatment options. Non-surgical sports injury treatment may involve one or more treatment techniques, including:

Common Surgeries And Treatment For Sports Injuries

Once a muscle or bone is injured, it can result in permanent structural weakness and lead to repeat injuries. Often, surgical intervention is required to remove damaged tissue or reinforce existing bone and muscles. Rolling Hills Medical offers comprehensive sports injury rehabilitation, from expert diagnose, to surgery, and post-surgical recovery. Our orthopedic surgeons offer a variety of surgical interventions including:

Photo of a surgeon in an operating room.

Contact Our Sports Medicine Specialists

Both recreational and professional athletes alike can benefit from the expertise offered at Rolling Hills Medical in Torrance. Sports medicine is an integral service offered by our orthopedic specialists, who have helped thousands of patients recover from varying degrees of sports injuries. Our rehabilitation process involves coordination between our team of integrated specialists to determine each patient’s best course of recovery. Contact our sport injury specialists today for expert diagnosis and treatment at 424-250-8699.