Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy at Rolling Hills Medical in Torrance

Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy

As an industry leader in pain management and Orthopedics, Rolling Hills Medical offers cutting-edge technology, including PRP injections and stem cell therapy. Regenerative medicine is an innovative field that focuses on using a patient’s own body to repair damaged tissue. Regenerative therapies offer an alternative to invasive surgeries and can help restore function and reduce pain.

Stem Cell Therapy

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that replenish other specialized cells, replacing worn out and damaged tissues. They are found in various tissues, including the brain, blood, bone marrow, liver, skin, and more. Stem cell therapy uses patients’ own cells and growth factors to promote healing.

During the non-surgical procedure, bone marrow is taken from the patient’s hip and processed. The bone marrow is filtered and centrifuged so the concentrated stem cells can be collected. The stem cells are then reinjected into the patient’s joint or tendon, using ultrasound guidance.

Stem Cells for Pain Management

Stem cell therapy is most effective for managing pain in large joints like the hips and knees, though it also used for treating chronic ankle, feet, shoulder pain, and hand pain as well. Stem cell therapy is recommended for patients whose pain persists despite traditional treatment methods.

Most patients will start to experience pain relief 1-2 months after the injection, with effects typically lasting 6 months or longer. For patients suffering from severe pain symptoms, stem cell injections can greatly increase function and everyday comfort.

PRP Therapy

How Do PRP Injections Work?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is another natural pain treatment option. PRP therapy uses the body’s own platelet cells to promote healing and tissue repair. A sample of the patient’s blood is taken and centrifuged to separate the platelets from other components in the blood. The concentrated platelet rich plasma is then injected back into the body at the point of injury.

PRP Injection

PRP Therapy for Pain Management

Platelets contain important growth factors for tissue regeneration. The concentrated platelet-rich plasma injection helps to boost the body’s natural healing process. PRP injections are recommended as a pain management option for conditions such as osteoarthritis, rotator cuff tears, plantar fasciitis, ACL injuries, ligament sprains, sports injuries, and more.

Several PRP injections are usually delivered over the course of a few months. Depending on each patient, improvement in pain levels can be felt within a few weeks.

Regenerative Medicine Benefits

Stem cell therapy and PRP injections are pain management techniques typically reserved for patients where non-invasive techniques have offered little to no results. These innovative techniques can help patients avoid the need for surgery by significantly decreasing pain symptoms.

Because both PRP and stem cell injections use the patient’s own cells, there is no risk of rejection by the body. Often, these techniques are coupled with physical therapy and rehabilitation, as the decrease in pain finally allows patients to effectively participate in exercises that were previously limited by pain and lack of mobility.

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Rolling Hills Medical prides itself in offering advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques. We offer our patients access to innovative treatments and the latest in pain management technology. Our team of orthopedic specialists, surgeons, physicians, physical therapists, and more work with each patient to develop individualized recovery plans. We offer both conservative and surgical options for pain management, including chiropractic care, physical therapy, regenerative medicine, and minimally invasive surgeries. Call us today to discuss how Regenerative Medicine will work for you (424) 360-0155

Neil Ghodadra Stem Cell and PRP Injection Doctor

Dr. Neil Ghodadra, MD

Dr. Ghodadra is well known for his surgical skill and his devotion to teaching and innovation in orthopedic surgery. He has authored over 65 textbook chapters and journal articles. Dr. Ghodadra was instrumental in developing a landmark technique for patients with recurrent shoulder instability.

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