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Back pain treatment in torrance

Few symptoms can seem quite so debilitating as back pain. Whether you're experiencing this problem up near your rib cage or down toward the base of your spine, you may feel that you can't work, drive, sleep, play sports, or get any enjoyment out of your life. Back pain can originate from a number of different causes, from acute injuries to chronic degenerative spinal problems.  Bt you don't have to live in the constant shadow of agonizing back pain. Here at Rolling Hills Medical, our Torrance CA team can diagnose your condition and offer a variety of back pain treatment strategies.

Conditions Associated With Back Pain

Back pain is as common as it is distressing. Low back pain alone afflicts 4 out of 5 Americans at some point -- and at any given point, one-quarter of them will have endured this misery within the previous 3 months.

Why do so many people suffer from back pain? For one thing, your back is a complex mechanism that must support your upper-body weight while also allowing you to move freely. These functions call for muscles, tendons, ligaments, vertebral joints and spinal discs to work together flawlessly. To complicate matters further, your spinal cord and major spinal nerve roots are closely surrounded by vertebral structures -- meaning that even a small deviation from these structures' normal position can cause serious problems. Back pain is frequently associated with:

  • Disc herniation: A herniated disc can press against the major nerve roots, sending pain and other dysfunctional signals to the back or throughout the body. Thy are also extremely painful on their own because the inner disc material can irritate the sensitive outer casing as it spills out.
  • Sciatica: Nerve impingement from a herniated disc or spinal misalignment can cause shooting pain and other symptoms in your buttock or leg.
  • Arthritis: Age and other factors can cause the fact joints of the spine to develop arthritis.
  • Spondylolisthesis: In this painful chronic condition, one vertebra juts forward in relation to a neighboring vertebra.
  • Sports Injuries: Acute impacts or repetitive motion injuries can cause tendinitis, muscle strain, herniated discs and other problems.
  • Spinal Stenosis: In spinal stenosis, bone spurs or other abnormalities narrow the diameter of your spinal canal, causing nerve impingement.

Back Pain Treatment Options at Our Torrance CA Clinic

back pain treatment options in torrance

Back pain may seem an insurmountable obstacle, but our Torrance CA medical clinic can help you resolve or at least manage your symptoms so you can return to your favorite activities. Our back pain doctor can diagnose the specific cause of your pain through the use of X-rays and other imaging techniques, along with tests to determine whether you have nerve compression. We can then recommend specific back pain treatment options. We can provide:

  • Physical therapy - Chronic back pain often responds to physical therapy. Strengthening and stretching exercises can heal injured tissues, increase muscular support, and help minimize stiffness.
  • Steroid Injections - Injection of steroid medications into a facet joint can reduce joint inflammation and arthritis pain.
  • Radiofrequency ablation (RFA)/Rhizotomy - This procedure uses electricity to deaden an irritated nerve for extended back pain relief.
  • PRP Injections - By extracting and concentrating a sample of your blood, we can create platelet-rich plasma (PRP). When this substance is injected into a damaged joint or tissue, its concentration of growth factors can greatly boost your healing processes at the treatment site.
  • Minimally-invasive back pain surgery - Minimally-invasive back pain surgery can prove highly effective for conditions such as pinched nerves and herniated discs, while also offering faster and easier recovery.
  • Spinal fusion - This form of back pain surgery may be recommended for a severe or stubborn joint or disc issue. We can immobilize the joints in questions with metal hardware and/or bone grafts. Recovery may take up to 12 months, but the surgery can relieve up to 90 percent of the recipient's back pain.
  • Cervical arthroplasty - Damaged or degenerated cervical discs can be replaced with artificial implants. This procedure is called total disc replacement or cervical arthroplasty.
  • Cervical fusion - Cervical spinal joint fusion doesn't permit the same freedom of motion as cervical arthroplasty, but it can provide permanent relief for nagging pain.

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