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Musculoskeletal Pain (Pain Management)

Musculoskeletal Pain Treatment

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Are you looking for help with musculoskeletal pain treatment near Torrance? If so, we are here to help. Musculoskeletal pain is one of the most common reasons why people seek Pain Management Physicians. At Rolling Hills Medical, we provide you with access to a large team of medical experts who can customize a treatment plan to meet your needs. If you want to alleviate your discomfort and improve your quality of life, learn more about musculoskeletal pain below!

What Is Musculoskeletal Pain?

Musculoskeletal pain refers to pain that impacts the bones, ligaments, tendons, and joints. For example, if you are experiencing aches and pains, you may be suffering from muscle pain. Or, if you have a stress fracture, this is a type of bone pain. All of these fall into the category of musculoskeletal pain, and this pain can make it difficult for you to walk up and down the stairs, participate in athletic activities, and even go to sleep at night.

Types of Musculoskeletal Pain

There are several common types of musculoskeletal pain, including:

Bone Pain

Bone pain is pain that is deep underneath the surface of the skin. If you experience something known as point tenderness, you should be able to take one finger and point to exactly where the pain is coming from. If you can do this, you are probably suffering from bone pain.

Tendon and Ligament Pain

You might also be suffering from tendon or ligament pain. For example, if you roll your ankle to the side, you could sprain your ankle, leading to ligament pain. Or, if you strike your knee on the dashboard in a motor vehicle accident, you could damage your PCL, which is another type of ligament pain.

Muscle Pain

Muscle pain can either be acute or chronic. For example, if you develop an overuse injury, you probably have inflammation in the muscle tissue, leading to discomfort. Or, if you hyperextend one of your limbs, you could strain your muscle tissue to the point that it tears, leading to acute muscle pain.

Joint Pain

Joint pain

You can also suffer from joint pain. For example, arthritis is one of the most common causes of joint pain. This is a chronic medical condition that leads to inflammation in the joints. Joint pain can limit the range of motion in that joint.

Nerve Compression Pain

Nerve compression pain leads to shooting pains that move from one part of the body to another. For example, you may feel a shooting pain travel down your arm and into your hand, which is a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Back Pain

Back pain is another common type of musculoskeletal pain. Some of the most common causes of back pain include paraspinal muscle tenderness, a pinched nerve, and a herniated disc.

Causes of Musculoskeletal Pain

There are numerous causes of musculoskeletal pain. Some of the most common examples include bone fractures, joint dislocations, and overuse injuries. Musculoskeletal pain can also develop over time with issues such as repeated blows to muscles and poor posture. You might also develop acute musculoskeletal pain if you sprain a ligament in your shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, or ankle. You should work with a medical professional who can help you treat your musculoskeletal pain.

Pain Management and Nearby Treatment

If you were looking for musculoskeletal pain treatment, we can help you. At Rolling Hills Medical, pain management is one of our main focuses. We always offer new patients a free consultation, and we only recommend surgery as a last resort. If you are looking for help and musculoskeletal back pain in Orange County and Los Angeles, contact us today to make an appointment by calling (424) 360-0155.

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