What is the difference between spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis?

In this blog, we discuss the difference between spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis. It is import to know these differences because although they are fairly similar they do require different treatment options and strategies. Our doctors suggest treatment options such as chiropractic care, physical therapy, exercise to strengthen the back and rest.

Runner’s Knee: FAQ

It is important for people to strengthen the muscles in their knees, hips, and quads. By strengthening the muscles in and around the knee, the knees won’t have to carry as much of the load. This helps alleviate knee pain symptoms.

Knee Bursitis

Complete Guide to Bursitis: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Bursitis is a painful, musculoskeletal condition affecting your tendons and joints. Bursitis treatment in Torrance is available today that quickly relieves bursitis pain and inflammation with chiropractic techniques, corticosteroid injections, and orthopedic care.

This article goes into depth on Bursitis, Treatment, Causes, and Symptoms

Sports injury soccer

List of Sports Injuries: Top 10 Injuries In Athletes

Every sport comes with a risk of injury; however, some injuries are more common than others. With the help of a Torrance sports medicine doctor, athletes can be prepared for the types of injuries that they might face. Learn the top 10 injuries we deal with here at Rolling Hills.


Types of Sports Medicine Doctors

In the field of sports medicine, there are numerous healthcare professionals who are available to help families and individuals get back on their feet. In this article, we go over the most common sports medicine doctors and which you should be aware of.

3 Pain Injections To Relieve Pain Without Medication or Drugs

Here at Rolling Hills Medical, our pain doctors in Torrance CA make use of other kinds of medication, delivered in the form of pain injections that provide powerful, genuine relief without the dangerous side effects associated with other painkilling drugs. Learn more about the types of medication we use at our clinic in this article.

Patient Paperwork

Pain Clinic Appointment Information: Pre & Post Visit

Facet Joint Injections Vs. Epidural Injections: What’s the Difference? This article will go in-depth so you can learn the differences between these two procedures provided at our pain management facility. We Also take a look at the entire process surrounding that all-important first initial pain clinic visit.

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