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FAQ Pain Doctor Torrance

Here at Rolling Hills Medical, we see many patients who struggle with both acute and chronic pain. While acute pain often eases along with recovery from an acute illness or injury, chronic pain may call for ongoing management. If you've never sought out a Torrance pain doctor, check out these answers to frequently asked questions about pain doctors.

What Terms Are Used to Describe Pain Doctors?

Many medical professionals treat pain now and then, from family physicians to practitioners in specific fields such as optometry or dentistry. Pain doctors, however, focus on helping individuals cope with chronic pain problems. you may see these professionals listed as pain doctors, pain medicine specialists, or pain management specialists. Practitioners in various fields, from neurosurgery to chiropractic medicine, may specialize in pain management.

What Can a Torrance Pain Doctor Do for Me?

A pain doctor can help you to either reduce or cope with nagging pain problems that do not resolve themselves naturally, as acute pain tends to do. Our Torrance pain doctor, Dr. Loder, employs a variety of treatment techniques in his official capacity as a Pain Management Physician, working in conjunction with our other experienced doctors to create customized pain management strategies for each patient.

A pain doctor may recommend conservative care methods such as physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, water therapy, and biofeedback to help you get a grip on your chronic pain. You may also receive a referral for cognitive behavioral therapy as a means of helping you cope with the psychological and emotional issues that amplify pain sensations and awareness.

If conservative care doesn't reduce your pain issues adequately, your pain doctor may recommend surgery. If you struggle with severe joint pain, for instance, our own Dr. Ghodadra may be able to help by performing arthroscopic hip, knee, elbow, or shoulder surgery. Other pain management strategies can then help you through your recuperation and rehabilitation period.

When Should I See a Pain Doctor Near Me?

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You might struggle with pain for some time before asking yourself, "When is it time to schedule a visit to a pain doctor near me?" The first major sign that you need a pain management specialist is if you have pain that continues for more than three months, indicating a chronic problem that won't go away on its own.

If you have to keep taking higher and higher doses of pain medication to achieve any kind of relief, it's time to seek out a Torrance pain doctor who can employ non-pharmaceutical treatments. If your pain limits your physical function, that's another sign that you need pain management services.

Last but not least, pay attention to what your pain is doing to your mental and emotional health. If you have no appetite, can't sleep, or feel stressed out all the time because of your pain, you run the risk of additional health complications. take these life quality issues as signs that you need professional pain management.

What Can I Expect from a Visit to Your Torrance Pain Doctor?

When you visit our Torrance pain doctor, you can expect to receive personalized, holistic care. Your initial evaluation will include a detailed physical examination, discussion of your current symptoms, and evaluation of your medical history and daily habits.

Our Torrance pain doctor will break your symptoms down into as many specifics as possible. you'll be asked where it hurts, what actions cause the pain to start or stop, whether the pain is constant or recurring, how frequently you feel the pain, and whether other symptoms accompany the pain.

Your pain management plan may include different treatment sessions on different schedules. You may also perform exercises or other prescribed activities to practice between visits.

Call Rolling Hills Medical today at (424) 267-2491 to schedule a visit with our Torrance pain doctor. We have the answers to chronic pain!

Dr. Neil Ghodadra
Dr. Neil Ghodadra’s orthopedic practice focuses on minimally invasive, arthroscopic surgery of the knee, shoulder, elbow, and hip. His unique background includes extensive training and expertise in cartilage restoration of the knee and joint preserving osteotomy, as well as treatment of complex shoulder conditions, ranging from shoulder instability and rotator cuff repair surgery to shoulder replacement surgery. Dr. Ghodadra is fellowship trained in Shoulder and Sports Medicine Surgery and has a particular interest in taking care of athletes.

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