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Foot Pain Treatment in Torrance

There are a lot of reasons why someone might be experiencing pain in the feet. At Rolling Hills Medical, we provide everyone with access to high-quality foot pain treatment in Torrance. If you are looking for foot pain treatment near me, then take a look at everything we can do to help you!.

An Introduction to Foot Pain

Foot pain can be used to describe a number of different ailments. The first step in figuring out the right diagnosis for those who are looking for foot pain treatment near me is to define the pain. Some of the locations in the foot in which someone might be feeling pain include:

  • Pain that is isolated to the big toe only
  • Pain that shoots down the leg and into the foot
  • Pain that is directly underneath the heel
  • Pain that exists throughout the entirety of the bottom of the foot
  • Pain that is only on the side of the foot 

Sometimes, the pain might flow from one part of the foot to the other. That is fine, too! We are here to help you define your symptoms before we come up with a treatment plan.

The Most Common Causes of Foot Pain

There are several common reasons why someone might be feeling pain in the foot. Some of the most common reasons include:

Foot pain specialist examining patient's foot.
  • There is a stress fracture located in the foot somewhere
  • Someone suffered an eversion injury of the ankle, also known as an ankle sprain
  • Some people might have a chronic medical condition that leads to foot pain, such as arthritis
  • It is possible for patients to suffer from something called gout, which is commonly isolated to the big toe
  • Patients might have an acute fracture that follows a serious, traumatic injury

There are numerous reasons why a patient might be feeling pain in his or her foot. At Rolling Hills Medical, we are here to figure out what the cause might be.

How is Foot Pain Diagnosed?

If someone comes to see us for help with foot pain, we are going to use all of the resources we have when it comes to arriving at the right diagnosis. First, we want to talk to our patients and get a full picture of what is going on. We want to figure out when the pain started, where it is located, and any medical treatments that might have already been tried. After this, we will do a full physical exam to make sure that we are not missing anything. Then, we might take images of the foot to ensure we get a full picture of what is happening underneath. This could include x-rays, CT scans, or even MRIs.

Trust Rolling Hills Medical for Foot Pain Treatment in Torrance

When it comes to treating foot pain, we like to start low and go slow. We might recommend watchful waiting first. Then, we could recommend pain medication if the pain does not get better on its own. We use anti-inflammatories before we use anything stronger, such as narcotic medications, which we only use in specific circumstances.

We never recommend surgery unless it is absolutely necessary. Even when we recommend surgery, we start with arthroscopic surgery before we recommend anything more invasive than that. We like to keep all surgical procedures to a minimum. We view our patients as our partners and we will make sure that we present you with all of the options before moving forward.

Why We're The Best Foot Pain Doctors in Torrance

At Rolling Hills Medical, we place the needs of our patients first. That is why we provide all of our patients with a free consultation. We are among the best physicians in Los Angeles and Orange County and we display all of our glowing reviews on Google. if you would like to make an appointment, call us today at (424) 250-8699

Dr. Neil Ghodadra
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